At Calvary Preschool Center, our staff are committed to the mission of the school. Each day, we seek God in every area of school life and keep our promises to students and parents.

We are looking for individuals called by God, equipped to serve in the educational services of the school, and:

  • are committed followers of Christ.
  • reflect a lifestyle consistent with a biblically integrated perspective as a Christian role model.
  • have the skills and professional qualifications to excel in the responsibilities of the given position.

Infant/toddler teacher

We are seeking to hire caring and nurturing individuals to staff our upcoming infant class. Individuals interested in the position should be hardworking, willing to play with and care for babies and young toddlers, and flexible in daily routines. Children who are just beginning their development require individuals who can adapt to change and meet a variety of needs at a given time. 

A candidate should be physically able to hold babies and younger children, move about the classroom with ease, and interact in a variety of age appropriate activities. Experience is not required, but is highly recommended.


preschool Assistant

We are seeking to hire an energetic, hardworking and compassionate individual to help guide a preschool class. This individual should be someone who has experience working with children, is comfortable assisting in implementing lessons, and who stays calm and patient when working through challenges. 

A candidate should be willing to engage in activities with large and small groups, as well as be comfortable working one-on-one with children. A high school diploma or GED are required. Childcare or teaching experience is also recommended.